Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Old MacDonald

This class did SUCH an awesome job playing Old MacDonald on their recorders that we decided to video it!  This is the 5th song in Recorder Karate and it is quite a challenge!  
Great job Mrs. D's class!

(2 of these students earned their black belt today!!!)

Instrument Families

Every March we study Instrument Families!  Here are 2 great videos that my students are watching!

George Visits the Orchestra

The US Army Field Band Instrument Demonstration

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Happy March!

It's March 1!  And, that means spring is almost here!

Next week is Spring Fling and I'm super excited that the Musical Mateys will be performing at 5:45 in the cafeteria while you are eating your chicken dinner!

Here is a video from our last practice!  We are super excited to sing A Million Dreams from The Greatest Showman!

Thursday, January 18, 2018


Over the weekend Mrs. Stahl took a trip to New York City!  She had sooooooo much fun.
Here are a few pics form her trip.

This is in Times Square - If you look behind me, way up high, you can see the ball that drops on New Year's Eve!

The corner of Broadway and 42nd street!!  The heart of the NYC Theatre District.

Super cold day walking through the city.

I saw 3 Broadway shows!  School of Rock, Aladdin, and The Play that Goes Wrong.

On Sunday morning I went to The Brooklyn Tabernacle and saw the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir!!!

This is in Central Park.  That fountain back there (there isn't any water in it in the winter time) is from the movie Enchanted!  Where she sings the song "How does she know that you love her!"  The fountain is at the very end of the song!

Here's the song!

Central Park Zoo from Madagascar!!!

Then I went to the Metropolitan Opera and saw Tosca (an opera)!  It was sooooooooooooo good!!!

Here's a little clip of the great music (check out that orchestra!) 

We ate lots of yummy food like this New York pizza!!

Oh!  And, the Statue of Liberty is there too!!

Hoop Groups

Last week in music class we did Hoop Groups!  It was a lot of fun and we got to play a ton of different instruments.  

Each hoop contained a group of instruments that were alike.  Hoop 1 had drums, hoop 2 were metal instruments, hoop 3 were wooden instruments, and hoop 4 were shakers.

Ice Skating!

I hope you had a great Christmas!!  We are back at school and learning tons!

Last week we learned about Elvis (check out the tab above for fun videos) AND Ice skated!

It was SNOW much fun!

First we discussed the Winter Olympics (coming up in February) and then watched a short video of the 2014 Gold Metal Ice Skating Routine!

Then, we used paper plates as Ice Skates and tried out some moves of our own!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Musical Mateys at the Arkansas State Capitol!

Yesterday I traveled with the Musical Mateys to the Arkansas State Capitol.  We sang 6 songs and they did a terrific job!