Thursday, September 20, 2012

John Philip Sousa

The Musician of the Month for September has been:


John Philip Sousa was a composer who loved writing marching music. His nickname is the "March King". One of his most famous marches is The Stars and Stripes Forever
Listen as John Philip Sousa introduces the song!
Here are a few other videos that we have watched in class this month!!
First, the super awesome listening map for
The Stars and Stripes Forever!!
Next, the Marine Corps Band playing John Philip Sousa's favorite song Semper Fidelis.
And, finally, the super fun Muppets video that we watched just for fun!!  Its the muppets singing
The Stars and Stripes Forever.
You can learn more about John Philip Sousa by clicking here!


  1. Mrs. Stahl,
    Thank you for posting those video clips for us to watch; we thoroughly enjoyed them!
    The Middleton's

  2. I really like your blog,it's awesome!