Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Recorder Karate!

We are also beginning Recorder Karate with 4th and 5th grades.  We are working hard to make it to black belt!  

In the Recorder Karate program, there are 9 songs that represent the 9 belts.  Students work together in groups to play and test on each song.  When they have "mastered" the song, they test.  If they pass the test (play the song - notes and rhythms - correctly with good tone), they earn their belt.  The receive a colored strong to tie around their recorder and they get to "announce it to the world" by signing the poster in the hall!  This is a great program that my students love.  Some of them get very competitive.  

Elvis Month

Well, its been a while!  I'm sorry that I haven't updated recently!  

This month is Elvis month at DES.  Everyone around here knows how much Mrs. Stahl loves Elvis Presley.  And, he is our Musician of the Month for January.  You can see some videos on the Elvis tab at the top of the page.