Monday, April 25, 2016

WOW (Word of the Week) Review!

Every week we learn a WOW (Word of the Week).  This week is a review game that I borrowed from an amazing music teacher in Nebraska, Mrs. Kristin Lukow!  Here is the word wall with all of our words!

There are 50 words, and 50 definitions.  We mix them all up, spread them out across the room, and they set a timer to see how long it takes the class to put them all back together!  When we are finished, it looks like this:

They have really impressed me with their times!

2nd Grade     
Massengale - 9:07             Widner - 8:56

Williams - 7:18

3rd Grade

LaRue - 5:59              Fields - 4:27

Race 4:48                  Collins 5:33

4th Grade
Aday - 5:59                 George - 4:35

Hudson - 4:12                Arivett- 4:34

5th Grade
Williams - 3:08          Condley - 3:51

Hughes - 4:11


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