Monday, April 24, 2017

Word of the Week Challenge

Each week we learn a Word of the Week.  Last week was our last week to learn a word.  We have learned 48 words!!

This week we are doing a review game/competition.  The students must work as a class to match all 48 words with the definition. 

It also happens to be State Testing week.  So, several of our classes had to miss music.

 Here is and time for the classes that were able to participate:

2nd Grade

Widner - 5 min. 59 seconds

Williams- 7 min. 22 seconds

3rd Grade

                                 Race  -  6 min. 37 seconds 

Young -  5 min. 05 seconds

4th Grade

    Aday  -  3 min. 41 seconds

                                   Arivett-  3 min. 24seconds

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